Features of furniture

May 06, 2022

The integration of aesthetics and technology makes furniture a modern industrial product with rich artistic connotation. Modern furniture as

An industrial product with four basic characteristics:

(1) Functionality. That is, furniture is first of all a kind of supplies, with practicality, under the premise of meeting practicality,

And in line with modern living habits and psychological needs, only the perfect combination of the two can produce functional beauty.

(2) Artistry. Furniture is also a kind of art, and this kind of art is under the premise of satisfying the function,

Follow the rules of modeling and create a distinctive characteristics of The Times and unique personality style, like by consumers

Is an art form, so that its products have artistic beauty.

(3) Manufacturability. As an industrial product, furniture requires standardization of products and universalization of parts

It organizes processing, transportation and packaging under existing conditions. The core of craftsmanship is the quality of the product, which is

In the production of an invisible beauty, that is, the beauty of technology.

(4) Economy. Furniture, as a product, should be transformed into a commodity to realize its economic value and profit,

This is the common goal pursued by all enterprises.

Under market economy conditions, the characteristics of such industrial products should be reflected in the first three as products

Economy is only possible when it enters the market as a commodity. These four basic characteristics are embodied in consumption

It is the style (functional, artistic), quality (technological) and price (economic) of the furniture.

The degree that 4 major features reflect in different furniture is different, make the grade of furniture on the market, price is poor

Distance is bigger. Accordingly, afore-mentioned 4 big basic characteristic, it is the grade that decides furniture, fundamental condition of price. The camp

Whether the marketing strategy is correct or not is the key to determine whether furniture products can enter the market and occupy the market.

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