Why Chose Haiyang Furniture?

February 24, 2022

There are thousands of furniture suppliers in China, and each supplier will have their unique advantages. So why choose Haiyang furniture when choosing furniture suppliers? Let me share with you our unique strengths:

1. All parts of our products need to be pickled before being sprayed with paint. Not simply of pickling, pickling process step is quite many, the first thing to skim oil removal, second over water, and then into the hydrochloric acid soak for half an hour, derusting and alkali neutralization, again into the water again, and then floated table again, antirust soak for half an hour into the phosphide pool, going over the water, the acid pickling process is over.

2. Our commonly used plate grades are P2/E1/E2. The most commonly used plate is P2 for export to The United States, while E2 plate is more frequently used for export to Europe according to the needs of customers.

3. Our packaging has professional packaging personnel, who will make the packaging material according to the different weight of the product. The worst material for our mail-order package is 150 pounds. Under normal circumstances, for products weighing less than 5 kg, 15 kg poly dragon 15mm for six sides, 150 pounds for the outer box, 5-10 kg for the outer box, 20MM for the two short sides and 15mm for the other four sides, 180 pounds for the outer box; The heavier the product, the better the material. After packaging, we will also try to drop the container according to the standards, and test to pass.

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